FMP Enrollment

Thank you for visiting the Factory Motor Parts (FMP) incentive enrollment site. Your enrollment must be completed prior to receiving any incentives or rebates from FMP.

First time visitors to the site: Welcome! Please register and enter your information completely and accurately.

Return visitors: Welcome back! Please log in and verify the accuracy of your information, updating information that may have changed since your last visit.

By registering and entering your personal information, you acknowledge that you will receive miscellaneous income tax Form 1099 MISC if your qualifying incentives received from FMP total $600 or more during each calendar year. Your information will be stored and used for the sole purpose of issuing Form 1099 MISC, when applicable.

Under no circumstances will your information be shared with third parties, except as provided here. FMP will not have access to any Tax Identification or Social Security Numbers. All information entered will be securely stored and encrypted by Boulay Group using Azure Cloud security and access controls, which meet the highest standard of isolation and access controls. More information regarding the security of your information can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/security/security-get-started-overview. When entering sensitive information, Boulay encrypts the transmission of that information using SSL RSA-4096 Bit Encrypted communication. This information is then stored using industry leading AES-256 Bit Cipher Block Chain encryption with keys stored independently within an Azure Key Vault.

Please do not share your username, password or other personal information for any reason.

You may be contacted in the event that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you entered, such as your name and tax identification number, is determined to be different than IRS records. If contacted, you will be asked to update your PII on the the secure FMP incentive enrollment website.

All incentives received from FMP, including any rebates offered, are subject to change at FMP’s sole discretion and unclaimed points or funds may only be available for 60 days after completion of a marketing program, promotion or rebate period.

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